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What is the secret about ?


1. Tap one of the Encryptors, the white figures in the black screen. A secret is coming for you.
2. At the start screen of each secret you will find a reference number. Remember it.
3. Focus. Focus. Focus
4. Depict the video recording of each secret: Sounds, gestures and visuals are important clues to follow.
5. Around, You will find a type machine. Use it as a tool for your depiction.
6. Write down the reference number in the top left of the page.
7. Enclose your interpretation in one envelop.
8. Save it in the collector.

FAQS//All the secrets presented during 101 poetics and technology's exhibition are coming from The Netherlands. All the secrets were collected in diverse locations and situations. Thanks to all people who shared one hidden experience with us today.¶ Cuéntanos un Secreto ( Tell me a secret project ) is a sharing secret projects between communities. ¶ Tell me a secret project is an archive that aims to collect the popular and contemporary storytelling. ¶ You do not choose the secret The secret chose you. ¶ Produce, encrypt, decode and share experiences.